Saturday, 5 November 2011

A New Perspective

Front and Back perspectives.
I painted on both the front and the back of the material (ppsheet) to give the audience a range of views when walking around the painting and to create a range of depths on each side.

Painted from a multi-exposure photograph.
I tried to capture the movement and transparancy of the sitter through the use of paint on the clear plastic sheet.

Front and Back perspectives.
I think the back perspective turned out a lot better in this painting than the front because you can see the marker pen underneith the paint, outlining my original drawing, bringing both drawing and painting together. I also see this being exhibited in a way that the viewer may walk around the painting and visualise it from all directions, bringing a three-dimensional element to my work, in turn marrying drawing, painting and scultpure in one work of art.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Using Photography



I wanted to produce collage in an almost uncontrollable way.
I wanted a result that was both suprising and abstract that would make fantasic paintings.

I used a multi-exposure film camera to take the photographs.
I had to learn how to use it right from the basics, however I think this added to the kind of effects I was working towards, giving that extra edge of not-knowing.

Really love the way that these have turned out and I feel safer using them as a starting point to my collage, knowing that the images are completely my own.
I have already started to use them in my paintings as well and they look great. I now just need to find more ppsheet to work on!

Cutting and Sticking...

Experimenting with collage.

I want to find new styles that will compliment my paintings, considering the shapes, colours, message and the overall composition of the collage and how it will look as a painting.
I also look for ways in which I can compliment the collage with the material I am using in my paintings. For example, with me painting on see through plastic, I consider which areas of the collage to paint on the front or the back of the plastic.