Sunday, 12 July 2015

A new perspective

Now that I have my tattooing licence, it's my job to do the walk ins at the studio.
These are usually a loved ones name and girly butterflies and as much as always love tattooing these and never get bored with the smaller tattoos, it's always refreshing when a client comes in with something unusual.
I really enjoyed doing this script. It was so teeny and delicate so I had to be so so careful with it. The font she chose is quite unique as well. Clients often come in with calligraphy style text, however this one feels almost 'Alice in wonderland'-esque. Reflecting the deeper meaning behind the quote.

Other tattoos that have stood out recently I enjoyed because I got to do whatever I wanted. Ha! The client left the design to me. The swan piece, my customer had hardly any idea of what he liked or wanted (which usually isn't very helpful). The only thing I had to go on were tattoos that he already had. I found this swan/skull imagery on Pinterest a while ago and decided it would look really good as a tattoo and luckily my client liked it as well so went with that.

Both pieces I was able to be a little more free and explore different techniques that I hadn't yet used when tattooing. Particularly concentrating on the realism and shading in the pieces.



This final piece was brought in by the client. He found the image at his Church. It was from a piece of artwork made using string and pins to create the geometric lines so I just had to redraw the image so it was suitable to be tattooed.

As tattoos are becoming more fashionable and widely seen, it's difficult sometimes for people to think beyond the tattoo. Customers often come to the studio with a sheet of images of other people's tattoos or with the same ideas for representation.

Pinterest is a great tool, I find, for discovering new imagery and it helps to have a tattoo that is personal or just that little bit different...

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Eye Spy

Eyes are a popular image to be requested as tattoos at the moment.
Here are a couple of examples of 2 different takes on how I have incorporated the eye in my tattooing recently.
The first is a steampunk inspired piece, using cogs, clockwork and all things mechanical.
The second is an illuminati inspired deisgn, using negative birds and roses to bring a nice flow to the design. This is also one of my first larger, realistic designs.