Wednesday, 8 February 2012

"Balls to Camping..."

Other Third Year, Westminster Students in the Mid-Term Exhibition.

Can't wait to see the Final Exhibition at P3!

Lets Schram!

Photos of my work for my Mid-Term Assessments/Exhibition

The transparencies of the materials I am using at presentis a great factor to my practice, generating a variety of viewpoints within the paintings and allowing for more exciting alternatives to how I may hang or display my work.
The decisions in how to display my ‘paintings’ also allows the viewer to consider the ‘paintings’ as sculpture or installation, giving further depth to the work. It is this desire to create a link between the different practices within art that allows me to incorporate a variety of processes and materials within my work. I am currently, for example,experimenting with collage, photography, painting and drawing to help to devise imagery that can be viewed as painting and installation. 

I love the outcome of my work at present, however if I could change anything I would try to open up the space further so that there is more than one 'front' to the work.

At the moment, I am experimenting with a larger variety of materials, such as slate, tracing paper (streched as a canvas) and canvas (to explore larger sizes to my work) to come up with something even more exciting.
(Or i would be.... after I have handed in my dissertation and celebrated doing so!)