Tuesday, 25 June 2013








Here's a few photos from the amazing show that Rohan organised.

The Private view was extremely popular, and it was great to catch up with old Uni friends again and see how their works have progressed.

Get down to see works in person tomorrow...
Your last chance to see the show!
Also, many of the works are for sale and money raised from sales goes to the Children with Cancer Charity so a great chance to grab yourself an original piece of affordable art!

Tribute to Bobbie Black, a former graduate of Westminster University.

Friday, 21 June 2013

graphite and ink

sooo... to fill you in on where I have been hiding these past few (8!!??) months...

It's been busy.
Very busy.
3 jobs doesn't get any easier, however, a night off and no homework has helped push me to update my blog.

January was probably the most significant month as to why I have become so lazy in updating this space. I finally found a tattoo apprenticeship! Hell Yeah!!
So I now work at Aggys Ink tattoo studio in Hornsey, London. Learning off 2 great artists, who mainly specialize in realistic, black and grey.
Loving it!
I can honestly say, that I can't imagine my career going in any other direction.
I get to draw every day... what else could you want? Obviously, I am still starting at the bottom and doing the not so glamorous jobs as well but who cares?!
My portfolio is building up and improving and I'm learning a lot. 

Yesterday... saw an opportunity that came up around February come into fruition.
Bench to Bench
The art exhibition set up at the Curious Duke Gallery in Old Street by my wonderful friend Mister Rohan Samuel.
I was invited to show (and hopefully sell) a few pieces of work at the exhibition, that was set up to raise money for Children with Caner Charity and also help to raise money for his upcoming project 'Bench to Bench'.

The work I have shown is based on memory.
I was thinking about what the exhibition meant and who we were raising money for and just felt that it would be nice to step back from the word cancer and think about the people, the children, the families, the friends. Everyone, who is affected by it. As my new apprenticeship allows me opportunity to be face to face with people wanting tattoos for a variety of reasons, I based my drawings on the kinds of designs I draw up as a memento, be it an obvious link or straight forward imagery or quite an abstract connection.

The private view was yesterday but the exhibition is still open to the public until next Wednesday. Plenty of time for you to go and buy some of the great art on show from the variety of artists exhibiting there, as well as myself. Plus! it's a really cute, quaint gallery as well.