Friday, 9 March 2012

the girl who stole the Eiffel Tower

'Solid Water'
Collage on A1 Foam Board

From playing around with collage and drawing in a more conventional way, I now want to create abstract drawings from the selected images, instead of creating abstract images that are still quite recogniseable.

I also wanted to achieve a more delicate outcome that is still quite modern and clean.

'Cutting the Colour'

Collage on Foam Board

I really like this longer shape, rather than the A1 Foam board piece.
It gives the piece a much nicer composition.

From feedback given to me from my mid-term assessments I am also trying to play around with the sizes of my work.
For example, these drawings I see getting much larger and being inspiration for a huge painting.
I am also working on some tiny collages on passport photos to completely contrast to this. Considering the ways in which an artwork can be hugely domineering or incredibly intimate.

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