Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Summer Sun... ????

For back of calf. 
Thinking of maybe a bigger bow? In a more vibrant purple/pink?
Also working on an idea for the other calf. Same thing with the roses as a boarder but not sure of what I want in centre. 

Quick line drawing from a collage.

'Old School Roses'
'Old School' meets 'New School'.
Couple of roses someone wanted me specifically to draw up for them.

'Ships and Ribbon'
I really love it when someone has an original idea they want me to draw up.
The ship and the ribbon are both metaphors for something personal that the girl wanted to potray and I think they have turned out beautiful.

'Happy Accident'
I drew the pheonix first and then the  image on the back. When I sealed the drawing on the back it showed up through the page but I think it looks awesome and kinda ghostly.

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