Thursday, 30 October 2014

Life and Death

Was looking through my phone pictures today and came across these so thought I would share.
Went to the Time: Tattoo Art Today exhibition at Somerset House, London a while back... it's no longer showing unfortunately but it makes me hungry to visit more tattoo conventions!
It's nice to see tattoo artists using a different medium to what they are used to. It brings to the foreground so many different ways in which they prefer to work, not just in a 3dimentional form but also exploring a whole manner of procedures to create art.
I think it becomes more dynamic actually, as they explore new ways to make a mark.
The concept for each piece is a common one in the tattoo world, many of the works referring to momento mori and using the ever so popular image of skulls. (Which is not a moan... I am fascinated with skulls!)



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