Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Lest We Forget

As today is Remembrance Day I thought I would share a few of my photos from visiting the poppies at the Tower of London.

This installation has been a great success across Britain. Maybe because we can all relate to the subject?

The mass of poppies does hit you emotionally and would probably be even more striking if you could block out the other tourists and contemplate the installation in a more personal environment, however this didn't ruin the experience.
You kind of expect that! I can't imagine how anyone could have properly viewed the installation on the more popular days like half term.

It was a rainy day when I visited.
The poppies shimmered and glistened like the blood spilled. Filling the moat with their thick, deep red and the low clouds closed down on the contemporary, glass contrast of the shard. Reminding me of the soldiers not only of the past but also the present.

A beautiful tribute to those who gave up their lives for us and a stark reminder of the British soldiers who are still fighting and giving aid.

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