Sunday, 17 October 2010

Frieze 2010

I was asked by my lecturer to pick a favourite art work from the Frieze Art Fair when I visited this year, however it’s been hard to pick a favourite. I wanted to choose someone who I hadn’t come across before, someone who stood out and really stuck in my mind. I just wasn’t impressed enough by the new ‘talent’.
I did enjoy looking around David Shrigley’s work though.  I thought he was funny, colourful and was probably the only person whose work I thoroughly enjoyed.
I’ve always been impressed by the works of Marc Quinn. I didn’t particularly think that he had his best work in the show however but I wasn’t disappointed by him. I loved his human sized, bronze sculpture ‘a moment of clarity’.

Georg Baselitz showed a few pieces that caught my eye. I loved his striking compositions. I’d love to be this type of artist, turning something grotesque, into something that initially looks beautiful.

All in all I was disappointed by the 2010 Frieze. I headed to the P3 show ‘Sunday’ afterwards and was way more impressed by what I saw there. Also compared to last year, when I was writing down hundreds of new artists for me to look at, this year I’m not sure that I learned any new names… looking forward to see what Frieze 2011 has to offer.

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