Sunday, 17 October 2010

A New Year Begins...

Start of year 2 and I have begun by basing my work around something that I find interesting. I love tattoos and I love art by tattoo artists. I therefore wanted to create something new and exciting based on tattoo art.

I started by looking at many tattoo art books and different friends ink. Picking out my favourite imagery and sketching my own new ideas and thoughts to develop.

Here are two paintings, painted in acrylic on canvas. I have chosen to work from two images that I particularly liked. I wanted the painting to show the personality of the individual in both the tattoo that they were wearing and the way in which they are positioned. The tats I did in colour to stand out from the body and the figure I chose to paint in black and white, to act as a kind of after thought to my audience. I like the rough edges of the paint. They link in well with the persona of what a tattoo might mean, in a generalised opinion.

I am working on a lot of different routes from these paintings. Looking at what makes a tattoo, why people have tattoos, meanings of different imagery etc.  I’m in the process of tattooing family and friend’s photographs using pencil, with images that I feel represent their personalities and interests. I am also finishing an acrylic painting of this, of which I shall show on a later blog. I want the painting to look figurative, using a different style of painting and a different style of support.

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