Thursday, 21 October 2010


Painting with acrylic on scrap wood.
Unfinished. Still to add an ‘Oxford University’ coat of arms on the side of his cheek, to give reference to that part of his past.
I have also been researching the types/ages of people who have tattoos and although the man in the picture would never have a tattoo on his cheek, it’s not something that is too unusual.
I feel that tattoos to many people are seen as rebellious and are mostly covered up for ‘important’ occasions such as interviews. I wanted the piece to look rugged, to match the aura of the painting. I plan to display the painting screwed to the wall with large, industrial screws.

Finished these today (27.10.10) ... Not sure I am entirely happy with how the tattoo turned out. Would rather it be a little lighter maybe. May alter this if I have enough studio time. The Tattoo is an Oxford University tattoo, distorted to give a wrapped effect around the cheek.

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