Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Shaun the Sheep

From the experiments with acrylic on latex, I decided to cast a skull in the same material. It took me three days but was a very successful three days as I am very pleased with the final result J. Photos show the whole process.

I didn't really want the skull to be seen as a ram skull. I got the skull cheap off of ebay and wanted horns in the cast, which is why I got a ram. I put my own stamp on the design by filling in certain areas with plasticine and keeping areas of the skull with a lot of detail clean.
I plastered the whole skull in nine pieces. Drilled two holes (one for filling with latex, one for emptying) and layered three coats of latex into the cast.

The final latex cast is obviously very floppy. It has kept its shape however which is one element I was slightly worried about. Also unsure wether I should cut the rugged seems off or wether this adds an interesting effect. Waiting for a tutorial to discuss these issues with my tutor.
Trying to think of different ways in which to display the skull, that will support its aesthetics in the most interesting way. Maybe hung from the wall to display the floppy, skin like qualities?

I would like to try out other skulls in the same process. See how they all look together, for example a bird skull and incorporating my own design even further onto the skull. They may also make for unusual tattoo designs. As it was such a long process, I don’t want to ruin it so I am waiting until I have designed some really good tattoos to put onto the skull in acrylic.

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