Saturday, 16 October 2010

Year 1- The Spaces in Between

This piece of art work was based around the theme “the spaces in between”. A title inspired from Cent. Magazine of which I regularly read and enjoy.

I did a range of works based around this theme, however this photo is of the work in which I showed at the exhibition.

Looking for inspiration from Richard Wentworth and Doris Salcedo, I took photographs of found objects taken/used differently from their original contexts. For example, tape around a lamp post or a cap on a garden fork. Similar to Richard Wentworths “make do and mend” series.
I wanted these photographs to look spontaneous and un-staged. To get the required effect I used a Zenit film camera to take the photos. I wanted the photos to look grainy but have great detail.

On the plinth in front of the photographs is a plaster cast of a set of teeth. I wanted my audience to wonder if this piece should be there. To interrupt the space and support the photos.

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